Kurzbeschreibung von YAST2? (man-Page, Auszug):


       YaST2 - universal configuration utility


       yast2 [ options ] [ module ] [ module specific options ]
       yast2 --install <package> [ <package> [ ...  ] ]


       YaST2  is used to configure the system. It can configure a common hard-
       ware (sound cards,  printers,  keyboards,  mice),  network  connections
       (network  cards,  ISDN cards, modems, DSL connections), network clients
       and services (NFS, NIS), as well as a general system options (language,
       partitioning, software, bootloader).

       YaST2  comes  with  two  frontends: QT and ncurses.  Both frontends are
       functionally equivalent.  The correct frontend  is  selected  automati-
       cally  based  on  the  available components and the current environment
       (the DISPLAY variable).